Estate, Probate, & Trust Service

Dwyer, Dwyer & Welch provides estate and trust administration services or legal guidance for executors and trustees.  We can help with probate proceedings, estate taxation, Court submissions and estate or inheritance tax return preparation.

Executor, Trustee, Estate Attorney and Trustee Attorney Services

The firm has a long history of serving its clients as the executor, trustee or attorney for an estate or trust.  With over 30 years of experience, Attorney Welch can advise clients about estate and inheritance taxation, guide the executor throughout the process, provide legal services for the sale of commercial or residential real estate owned by the estate or trust and complete estates according to current estate or inheritance tax law.

Inheritance and Estate Tax Returns  

Robert C.  Welch, Jr. has been preparing inheritance and estate tax returns to the IRS and the State of New Jersey for over thirty years.  He is an IRS authorized tax preparer.  In the event of any questions by the IRS or the New Jersey Division of Taxation, he will resolve any questions from those agencies.